Use same settings for all projects?

In each project I open I have to apply my settings separately because the settings seems to be stored in the .idea folder of each project.
However I want to have the same settings in all projects, like code conventions and jslint settings for example, how can I apply a global settings?

When I export and import all settings from another project, the coding covention stuff and jslint and so forth is not imported.


Import/export settings only works for global (IDE-wide) options and not for project-specific ones.

You can set up 'common' preferences in File/Default settings - it's a kind of template for new projects, all new projects will be created with specified options


The File/Default settings don't have all the individual project settings. (Why not?)

In particular, File Watchers settings are not in the File/Default settings. E.g. my File Watchers settings for CoffeeScript need 3 texts in input fields and 2 checkboxes that are different from the 'defaults'. Going through setting it up for every new project is rather inconvenient.

Is there another option to set the defaults?

If not, please consider adding all or at least the File Watchers options to theFile/Default settings in the next version.


Please vote for and

Note that you can use export/import functionality to export your watcher settings (see 'Import' and 'Export' buttons in Settings | Tools | File Watchers)


Elena Pogorelova

Default settings is not available in 2021


2023 and this basic feature is still not implemented. Just recently when IDEA New UI rolled out I got so ecstatic, I hated the chaotic, ugly design before, and now I come across this pain in the ass, just wow.


We really need an IDE wide setting for Maven. I work with over a hundred repositories and all of them should have the same settings... You can't expect me to remember which ones I fixed the setting I need fixed


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