WebStorm reloads my file from disk

Hi all,

This is a newbie question.

I'm developing with ionic framework. Everytime I run my code with 'ionic emulate:ios' WebStorm reloads my code from disk and I lose my changes.

This is driving me crazy, please help :)

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Hi there,

Looks like ionic touches your source files (modifies file modification timestamp) .. and once IDE gets focus back it sees that file has been changed (different timestamps) and automatically reloads from the disk.

I do not know what has to be done from ionic side (try searching this forum or StackOverflow) .. but from WebStorm side you may disable automatic reloading on frame activation (when IDE gets focus).

Try deactivating "Settings/Preferences | Appearance & Behavior | System Settings --> Synchronise files on frame or editor tab activation" option. If done, you should see separate dialog window where IDE will ask what to do with such content -- http://stackoverflow.com/a/6628645/783119

To manually synchronize files (re-read project files searching for changes) you will have to use "File | Synchronize" manually.


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