File search with mask not working logically

If I do a search for a term like 'session_settings' (without quotes) in any folder, it will show all files including .php files with that term in them, but I'm looking for only .xml files with that term in them, but when I checkmark "File mask" for .xml it shows no results; same with *.xml, and if I check with .php or *.php it shows only one file result (two line instances) even though it showed hundreds of .php files without any mask!

What is going on? I need to be able to search for terms in only certain types of files or with certain names (preferably with the ability to specify regex).

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Hey daveheq,

i had the same problem and only fixed it by changing the search program!
With Lookeen Desktop Search you are able to filter for every type of file and find the results you need!

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Changing the search program? What search search program does PHPStorm use?

How do I know Lookeen Desktop Search is safe for a corporate environment (we use strict Kaspersky and I have to have the download approved) or even the best software for this search?


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