Jumping cursor/screen while typing

This bug has now bugged me enough times that I actually will report it. Previously I've restarted Webstorm to get it working again. Typing a single char will make screen jump in an untolerable way. This issue actually makes me more demoralized than debugging IE7 issues through a VM. Please help.

video: http://www.bryntum.com/temp/jumping.mp4

WebStorm 10.0.1
OS: Mac


Having the same issue where the screen will jump vertically to some unpredictable location when I start typing.  Typically occurs after navigating to a file via Find Usages.  There is no clear relationship between this issue and the one linked in the comment.  The link is about gutter width flickering, this is about screen jumping.


That's a forum thread back from 2015. The issues mentioned above are most likely addressed.

Please attach a screencast that would illustrate the issue on your end, also attach your idea.log file (Help > Show log in ...). Submitting this to our tracker at  https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/newIssue would be better though.


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