PHP Storm Settings

Hey guys,

A number of people at work use Sublime Text and even though I tried it out I couldn't stick with it, loved PHP Storm too much haha

However I have been told I need to set some settings in PHP Storm to match the settings the others are using in Sublime; was wondering if anyone that possibly knows both editors could help me out with the respective setting in PHP Storm?

The settings:

"indent_to_bracket": true,
"scroll_past_end": true,
"tab_size": 4,
"translate_tabs_to_spaces": true,

"trim_automatic_white_space": true,
"trim_trailing_white_space_on_save": true,
"word_wrap": false

Bold = Pretty sure I have those settings done already

Thanks a lot!

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"scroll_past_end" - likely 'Show virtual space at file bottom' in Settings/Editor/General, Virtual Space section
"trim_trailing_white_space_on_save" - Settings/Editor/General, Strip trailing spaces on Save

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"indent_to_bracket" - settings/Editor/Code Style/PHP/Wrapping and Braces, Function call arguments, 'Align when multiline' (?)

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Thanks for that!


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