PhpStorm Corrupts Its Settings Following Power Off

Hard powering off my computer with PhpStorm running (and a project open) reliably corrupts that project's configuration. I have to purge the .idea directory, after which if I reconfigure everything it will work. Without the purge and re-creation of the project, no settings changed after the corrupted state is reached are persisted across PhpStorm restarts.

In addition to the symptoms described above, I'll also get a popup with the following every time I start PhpStorm: "Cannot load settings file from '<project dir>\.idea\workspace.xml': Error on line 1: Content is not allowed in prolog. Please correct the file content."

This is a *major* bug and needs to be addressed ASAP. It appears this bug has existed in other JB IDEs for at least 1 year, so there is really no excuse for it to still be present.

PhpStorm is the latest (10.0.1) and OS is Windows 10.x (fully updated).

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Please see and related tickets. This is actually Windows file system issue - it's  well-known for its bad recoverability. Unfortunately there is not much  we can do about it.

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