502 appears after phpstorm10 update

Hello everyone,
I'm currently having a 502 error poping really weirdly.
First, everything was set up and ok in my phpstorm8 from where I imported the confs.
Now, whenever I try to debug my app, the first time I won't have any problem, but after, any debug session I'm doing, I will get 502 errors.

Trying to use Run at the start of the application just "freezes" the Run. When i stop and restart, I'll get the 502 errors.

The fact that running the first debug without any problem make me think that it's not an interpreter or any cgi install problem like I could have seen on other topics.
In the interpreters menu everything seems to be working (phpstorm recognize my version/debugger/configuration file).

I'm using WAMP with php 5.5.12.

Could any one help?
Thanks in advance.

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