Sync with Deployed fails to show Diffs of custom Deployment Mappings in PhpStorm 10

I just upgraded to PhpStorm 10 two days ago.

When I use the "Sync with Deployed to..." feature on a local file that is mapped to a remote deployed file with a different name in the Deployment > Mappings, the Diffs window now fails to compare the two files as though they are the same file, as it has in previous versions. Instead, each of the two files (local and remote) appear on two different lines in the Diffs window:


PhpStorm 7, 8, and 9 all correctly compared the differences between a local file with one name and a deployed file with another name as long as they were mapped to each other in the Deployment > Mappings in preferences.

Is this a new bug, or is there a new setting that I need to be aware of?

Thanks! Fritz

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