Freezing entire computer on file upload randomly.

Random freezes on file upload, possible large files like images but pretty much any file, once this happens i guess it gets in some loop and my entire computer stops responding cant even pull up task manager. However i see cpu usage only 20% and about gig of ram still free however for some reason all computer freezes.

I currently use local VMware Workstation with CentOS 7 virtual box for hosting and SFTP connection uploads are blazing fast however it does happen every once in a while that this problem ocurs on single file upload.

Only solution i found is to delete .idea folder cuz after first hangup only way out is force reboot and this not saving .workplace.xml file and possibly something else inside .idea folder so issue happens often like like every start of the phpStorm after that.

This problem been there since i stated using phpStorm probably since version 6 it has to do with poor FTP handling by phpStorm no matter what settings selected it always breaks.

EDIT: okay after trying several options including deleting all program settings except project settings inside .idea folder and disabling firewall after like 15 fore restarts of my computer because after it hangs nothing can stop it task manager or process explorer... i found that i once i delete all files on server trough "browse remote host" window inside phpstorm and try to upload again it works flawlessly, not sure why i had issue overwritting existing files though, perhaps FTP handling should be improved to avoid force reboots.There was no locked files on server and error in phpstorm read like "connectio to server timed out".

Version 10 seems to fix problem with corrupted files inside .idea folder or program settings on force reboot.

Another problem is when server is not reachable and you open browse remote host window it hangs the phpstorm however it can be shutdown with task manager in this case.

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