Code Sniffer issue in PhpStorm


We've been using PhpStorm within our company with great joy for a while now, and we've recently started to make use of code sniffer inspections within PHPStorm with some success.

Before we made use of the codesniffer inspections in PhpStorm, we've set up a web based inspector for our PHP, JavaScript and CSS files. And now we want the codesniffer inspections within PhpStorm to give us the exact feedback as the web based inspector.
We've managed to make the code sniffer in PhpStorm to handle the exact rules as we use in the web based inspector.

There is one thing though:

PHP Code Sniffer supports PHP as well as CSS and JavaScript. But PhpStorm only seems to make use of the PHP inspections.
We do get the Code Sniffer inspections directly within PHP files, but never in CSS or JavaScript files. We've tried everything to make this happen.

Is there any way to resolve this issue? Or maybe add this as a feature in a new release?

It would make the life of us developers a lot easier. It would mean we could use Code Sniffer for our CSS, PHP, and JS coding conventions without having to set up multiple plugins which eventually increase the load on our servers.

Kind regards,

Kevin van Boven

Developer @ ZES Goes

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We'd also like to see this! :-) It comes a bit unexpected for some developers when they don't see any code sniffer results in the IDE but then the git commit hooks (provided they are set up accordingly) throw lots of errors. ;-)


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