Question mark preceding SQL placeholders [PS 10]

Hello everyone.
I'm currently using some MySQL library in my project, and it's query placeholder patterns are preceded by "?" symbol. There are not so much of them - "?s" is for strings, "?i" for integer and so on.

My question is about if it is possible to reprogram default "?" user-parameter placeholder? I was trying to do so in settings with regex (Tools->Database->User parameters), but PhpStrom is still using default "?" symbol. So second part of every pattern "s"or "i" and so on are ignored and injected in SQL query I'm trying to execute.

For example: "SELECT * FROM t WHERE = ?i" will result in "SELECT * FROM t WHERE = 123i" and an error occurs (of course!).

I've googled for it, but all examples I was able to find is about non-predefined placeholders: "%s", "#s" and so on.

I've tried this regexes with no luck: "\?[sinpau]" "?[sinpau]" "?[sinpau]{1}"...

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