Method is @internal

PhpStorm PS-143.434

My code is showing (see attachment):

$fArray2HTML = new TArray2HTML($myDump); // converts array $myDump to ul.. li... table layout
$fHTML .= $fArray2HTML->RenderArrayHTML(); // The ide places a horizontal line through RenderArrayHTML() and has a message Method RenderArrayHTML() is @internal.

How do I resolve this issue?

The expanded message says: Referenced entity is marked @internal. This usually means that  your are advised to remove the usage or replace it with other construct. (I don't understnd what this means).

When uploaded to the web server the code works correctly (see second attachment).


Result of Method is internal.png
Method is internal.png
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Hi there,

This means that such method has @internal tag in it's PHPDoc (check the source for that method to verify that) and usually stuff with such tag is not meant to be used outside of that class/module.

Why that method marked like that / IDE tells you about it? -- because users have asked for this. See this ticket for more details:

Please note that this is still work in progress and for the moment it uses the same styling as deprecated methods do (AFAIK).

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Here's what I did to resolve the issue.

Edited my class TArray2HTML and found the function RenderArrayHTML and noticed in the PhpDoc there was reference to internal. Removed and regenerated the PhpDoc and the problem was resolved.

Thanks for the quick response.

Suggestion: add to the 'more...' information: check for internal references in the function documentation.



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