Font differences WS11 vs WS10/Java 1.6

I much preferred the clearer fonts in WS10/Java 1.6 (I'm on OS X ElCap)

Is there any way to get the same font look as I had in WS10?  I've tried changing the antialiasing settings, that doesn't seem to do what I want.  Even the background color is slightly different...

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 7.35.13 AM.png

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a-ha - I found the link to WS11 w/o bundled JDK and my good looking fonts are back!

JetBrains team - are there any downsides to using this?  Is the custom JDK expected to be faster / enable more features?

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Java 1.6 is EOL. You can't expect it to keep working and you can't expect new versions of the IDEs to keep working either. You can also expect some things to randomly break with newer releases of OS/X. The new Java versions are also faster and have security fixes that 1.6 doesn't have.

That said, Oracle threw away most of the work Apple did to make Java 1.6 a first-class implementation on OS/X. The newer versions have bugs on OS/X that Java 1.6 didn't and - as you can see - don't look as good. JetBrains even has to add custom fixes to the newer versions, that's why the downloads say 'custom JDK'.

At this point you're swimming upstream by continuing to try and use Java 1.6. I fought it for a long time as well. Just get the fonts as close as you can and move to the newer custom JDK.


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