Live Edit Only on Explicit Save

I know this has been asked in various ways but want to take one more run at this in case I misunderstood or WebStorm has improved since last asked.

I want to change my node.js code, do Ctrl+S, and see the fruits of my labor.  If I write 10 lines of code, I do not want to see it reload my script or restart the server 412 times while I get the 10 lines of code typed out.  Just let me type my code, hit Ctrl+S, and then see how I did.

From what I can tell, this is not supported.  The closest available option is to change Live Edit's Update setting to Manual.

Can someone please confirm or deny if this is still the case.  (I'd also be interested to know if JetBrains has any intention on addressing this any time soon; what developer wants all this reload/restart activity happening on every single keystroke???)

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