The above image shows the expanded information for an undefined variable warning. The second bullet point says "there are one or more pathes to rich the line..." This is complete nonsense. Can someone decide what it is meant to say and correct it?

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Hi there,

Please show the code that provides such warning (as plain text).

But in general this means that IDE thinks that there maybe certain conditions which will lead to $b not being initialised before that line. It could be because of logic error in your code or code is to clever/complex for IDE to analyze (e.g. cannot be solved with static analysis only -- which is what IDE uses here). There is always the chance that there is an error in IDE analyser itself, of course, .. or IDE does not support such pattern.

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Hi Andriy,

The code that is producing that warning is


I know what it means in general. My point is that the words "there are one or more pathes to rich the line..." are nonsense. For a start "pathe" is not a real word. Also "rich" is an adjective and not a verb, so one cannot "rich a line" (see

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I see -- so it's about correct English. I did not pay much attention to the text when reading it as well... and thought you were talking about "why the warning" moment.

I may only suggest to submit new ticket to their Issue Tracker so it can be fixed for one of the next builds / next major version.


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