Selection with ALT feels buggy...

Hey all,

Has multiple selection with the ALT key changed in PHPStorm 9?

I'm constantly selecting multiple lines with ALT, but the location of the cursor I just came from keeps seeming to be remembered, and when I start typing, text appears there as well.

It also happens if I click in the place I want to adjust, then ALT+select downwards. I then get TWO sets of words at the first cursor location:

Step 1: ALT + click once, then ALT + select downwards

Step 2: type "HELLO"


It's very frustrating.

I realise there must need to be a logical decision about what happens when ALT is pressed - is it an addition, or a start, but I think the logic for when holding down ALT should be:

  • if no previous multi-selection - move the cursor and clear previous position
  • if previous multi-selection - move the cursor and keep previous selection

I'm hoping this is a bug and has been fixed already.

Or if not, make it a preference!


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This is really getting me down.

Text is constantly appearing in the last place I clicked when I ALT+multi-select!

Please make the first new click of an ALT-select - if there's no previous selection - the start of the selection.

The current setup is unworkable!

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Great! Good to know you're aware of it.

Might have to add a new "priority" status: "infuriating" !



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I'm back on PHPStorm 8 and this behaviour doesn't exist. Time to downgrade the other machine!


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