Can PHPStorm be launched via Native Messaging from Google Chrome?


I am trying to launch PHPStorm by clicking on a link in a webpage while in Google Chrome.

So far I have a webpage that displays our code with line numbers, and I built a Chrome extension that listens for clicks on anchor tags next to each line and receives the file name and line number from the click . So now all I need is to do is send information ("Project/File/Line") from my Chrome Extension to PHPStorm and I understand that this is done in Chrome via Native Messaging.

I understand it is possible to launch PhpStorm.exe from CMD with project/file/line as arguments.

Can PHPStorn support Native Message?

Thank you in advance,

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Hi there,

No idea about Navive Messaging, sorry.

But check this ticket -- maybe you will find needed info/solution there:

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Thanks Andriy, I went with the Remote Call extension and it works great!


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