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When building MVC apps, you have a lot of related files split across a lot of different folders. No matter what editor I use, it's kind tricky to manage this.

Komodo has an Open File panel, which allows to view the open files in a panel, grouped according to attributes such as folder, path, extension, etc.


It's pretty good, but could be more customisable.

The split view in PHPStorm is kinda useful too, but what would be nice would be tab-groups.

A few apps have this kind of functionality:

  • Firefox has the Tree Style Tab addon, where you group tabs beneath parents
  • Google Chrome allows you to multi-select tabs, then tear them off to a new window

I presume this doesn't exist already?

Could it?


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Thanks for the reply, and looking those links up for me :)

Yeah, they all seem to be swimming in the same direction

Photoshop has a neat feature where you just select layers then drag them onto the "new folder" icon and they get put into a folder:


I'm like one of the posters from the other thread - always loads of files open (esp in MVC projects) and vertical tabs, so would be good to see something with a workflow that supported that:

Aside from the folder idea above, I've always wanted just a "Filter open files only" toggle in the project view.

I get one of the poster's point about "enough file tools already" but I think a tool to manage the files you have open (a much better version than CTRL-E, cool as it is) is needed.

Recent files is good, but really what we're looking at is a way of viewing tabs differently. Tabs = open files, but just in "tab" format.

I think making the tab bar a more powerful component would be really productive.

As I mentioned, Komodo "Recent files" is the best I've used so far, and it was pretty basic.



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