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Hi people.

About a year ago I got some advice on how to setup PHPStorm 8 with a SFTP deployment configuration for a Vagrant environment in order to run tests and debug from PHPStorm.
I ended up using deployment configuration because there were some issues when using with the built-in Vagrant interpreter.
However I a couple of months ago I (after a update of PHPStorm and a new version of Vagrant) I gave it a running on the build-in Vagrant option a shot again and this time it worked without a problem, so I went a head and removed the deployment configuration.

The only problem I now had since then is a pretty annoying popup when starting my tests or debugger saying "running vagrant ssh-config". This pops up twice everytime I start the test.
I've been able to ignore it because it only takes about 1-2 seconds (just enough time for me to take a sip of coffee) for me before the tests starts. However for some some of my colleagues it takes sometimes up to 25 seconds for "running vagrant ssh-config" to finish, before the tests can start.

Anyone have any idea on how to get these popups to stop or make improve it any way so that it's not that annoying?
I don't want to go back to using Deployment Configuration because the setup is much more "complicated" than just using the Vagrant configuration.

Thanks in advance.

TLDR; Using the build-in vagrant configuration, when starting tests a "running vagrant ssh-config" popup shows up twice and takes up to 25 seconds before completing before test can start. Need advice/help how to avoid this.

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I have the same issue, and have commented on where the issue is logged.

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