PHPStorm User Folder Macro?

Is there a macro that will point to the "user" folder (on Windows, it's "c:/Users/<username>/.webIdeXX")?

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Hi Keith,

None that I know.

What is the context (External tools; Run Configuration etc)?

I may only suggest looking at Path Variables functionality. But:
1) it needs to point to predefined folder (in other words -- will not detect "XXX" in ".webIdeXXX" automatically; but this should not be a problem as for each major version it will be different)
2) it needs to be defined on each machine/IDE installation (as it works differently to actual macro)

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External Tool. I pass the /config path to GitExtensions, because I manage my config with Git. Right now, everytime we get PS major version change, I have to manually change the path. Not a big deal, just checking.


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