using smarty in phpstrom

hi, i amm new to phpstrom and coding, i have installed it. i am not able to run smarty, i have create one tpl file and one php, but phpstrom says smarty is not available...

do i have to include any smarty library, any tutorial that can help?

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Hi there,

Yes -- PhpStorm does not come bundled with any PHP libraries -- you have to install them yourself. -- look at the end at section called "List of examples"

Since you ar enew to both PhpStorm and PHP itself .. I may only suggest to start here:

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thanks, i think the plugin is enabled coz i can see delimiter options in settings for smarty.

Here is the scenario that i have, could you point me to a solution.

1. Test.tpl (smarty file)
add little html + smarty tags

2. Test.PHP
How should i start here, should i include any file,

$smarty = new Smarty();.... gives error


i have seen somewhere that we need to include smarty file path at the top, but that did not work either;

give me few hints on how to get started.


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i think the plugin is enabled coz i can see delimiter options in settings for smarty.

Smarty support plugin has nothing to do to the actual Smarty PHP library -- you need to get copy of Smarty library (.php files) in order to use it in your code.

You should read the Smarty docs (where to get it; how to install and use it) -- the first link I gave you.

give me few hints on how to get started.

This forum is about PhpStorm and not "how to learn PHP"

Quick search on Google shows these video links:

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by the way i am not silly to ask here how to get started with PHP, i meant to say about smarty and phpstrom ...

Thanks for help....:)

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There is nothing special about Smarty support in PhpStorm.

PhpStorm just offers basic syntax checking and highlighting for Smarty code/tags; code completion for standard tags plus possibly few other small things -- that's about it.

Anything else -- you just work with Smarty as with ordinary PHP library: place it somewhere in your project (or reference it in other way if you already know how this all works) and then just use include/require to use it in your PHP files.

Videos from previous post show how to work with Smarty in general -- you can apply exactly the same to PhpStorm (I mean: code & file location etc -- not the IDE shortcuts or stuff like that).

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Thankyou Andriy for input. Will check it.


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