How to make autocomplete *replace* the element it is called on?

Hi, another newbie question here.

Is there a setting for Webstorm to make it replace the element where an autocompetion occures, instead of keep it at the end of the autocompletion's data?

For exemple :


Leads to that, when "enter" is pressed :


I'd prefere "createServer" to be totally replaced by "createClient".

Is it possible?


I wanted to do the opposite. I wanted to make autocomplete to not replace text next to cursor when I press Tab. And I finally found the solution to this! In keymap search for Choose Lookup Item:

And edit Choose Lookup ItemChoose Lookup Item and Insert Dot and Choose Lookup Item Replace accordingly. I set it like this for myself:

Now I can use either Tab or Enter to choose IntelliSense items and it will not replace text next to cursor.



Hi there,

Use Tab instead of Enter.


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