Webstorm - How to ajust the delay of the mouseover popups?

Hi, total newbie here.

I searched within the configurations and online, but I don't find how to ajust the delay before the popups appear on mouseover.

For exemple, I'd like a mouseover over a TypeScript function to pops the function's signature really fast, not after 1 second or so.
Same things while debuging Javascript : when I mouseover a variable, I'd like the popup displaying the content of the variable to appear way faster than it currently does.

Is there a setting for that?



For debugger, please see Settings/Build, Execution, Deployment/Debugger/Data Views, Value tooltip delay.
see also settings/Appearance & Behavior/Appearance, Tooltip initial delay(ms)


It doesn't work.  Set it to 0, 1200, or go into the xml and change it to 12000, makes no difference.


Can you clarify what popup is meant?


When you pass by any screen element with an inspection there is a tooltip popup.

The only way to stop the incessant popups is to disable all inspections leaving the editor as braindead as xedit.  Setting the tooltip initial delay has no effect.

The Move Up tooltip is a fine example of a tooltip that conveys absolutely no useful information.


Really would like to have this manually activated, from just some warning indicator like the colored jagged underlines, by holding a keyboard key while hovering, like Alt or Shift or Ctrl or some combo.


@Davitu does disabling ide.disable.editor.tooltips Registry key per instructions at https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/IDEA-114803#focus=Comments-27-3330918.0-0 work for you?


For those who found this thread from Google and want to adjust pop-ups in the editor to come up faster (like me), here is the path: Settings - Editor - Code Editing - Editor tooltips (default is 500 ms)


Elena, completely disabling the tooltips would disallow manual activation of them, right?

I wanted manual activation, not to completely disable them.


Yes, enabling  ide.disable.editor.tooltips will disable inspections tooltips in the editor


OK so disabling them would not work for me.

Also that ticket is not what I'm looking for.

Are you aware of a ticket for setting the feature to manual activation only using a keyboard shortcut?


The https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/IDEA-55097/Feature-request-warningerror-tooltips-often-obstruct-you looks related;  Please vote for it and, if possible, leave a comment there sharing any additional information you may have.


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