502 Bad Gateway on Dart

It´s error occur the following on Dartium for Dart Project in the Webstorm:

502 Bad Gateway: WebStorm WS-142.5255

- WebStorm WS-142.5255
- Dart SDK: 1.13.0-dev.5.0
- Dartium: dartium-win-full-dev-1.13.0

Am I doing something wrong?

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WebStorm built-in web server behaves as a transparent proxy for Dart related  content. It seems that the server receives invalid response from Pub  Serve for some reason. Can you check if the problem persists when using different Dart SDK versions? 1.11.*, for example?

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Hi. I'm having this problem with the latest DartSdk (1_21_dev6).  If I revert to 1_20, my program runs OK.

Is there a new setting somewhere?

Also posted here: https://groups.google.com/a/dartlang.org/forum/#!topic/web/wgncKOe4EdU



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I just hit this with DartSDK 1.21.0 and WebStorm 2016.3.2 following the Dart webdev get started guide. I was able to resolve by opening the project folder in a terminal and running % <dart_sdk>/bin/pub get

This step downloaded a bunch of stuff and created a .pub folder. When I ran index.html in WebStorm, it ran fine.

As this is not documented anywhere, I suspect its a bug WebStorm as the IDE was responsible for the creation of the Project folder.

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FYI - I found this by looking at the Pub Serve console in the IDE which had an error:

/home/tquinn/apps/dartlang/sdk/sdk_1.21.0/bin/pub serve web --port=34283
No pubspec.lock file found, please run "pub get" first.
Pub Serve terminated


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