Indent Lines with cmd-[ and cmd-]

I am used to indenting whole lines at once with cmd-] and cmd-[. One other editors, my cursor can be anywhere in or on that line for the desired intentation direction to occur. In PHPStorm, I have to have my cursor in the beginning of the line to indent with Tab.

This seems a little clumsy to me as I am just transitioning over to PHP Storm.

Is there a way to map these key strokes to achieve the desired functionality? I have tried mapping the key strokes but I still have to move my cursor to the front of the line of text.

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Hi there,

Please show your mappings.

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1. "Unindent Line or Selection" works fine regardless on caret position, even if it's in the middle of the string

2. For indenting -- you need to use different action. Current one -- "Indent Selection" relays on caret position (if no selection is made) as it works with conjunction with ordinary Tab functionality (insert TAB character in the middle of the string). You need to use "Indent Line or Selection" instead which is located under "Other" (the last one on the screen).


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