Hierarchy - callers

Why did I get the hierarchy, where for a given method there is the following
list of callers:


If i click "Sort alphabetically", then class names are sorted properly, but
methods within classes too. I would like methods to be unsorted within a
class, but the calls from within the same class should be grouped. For
instance, VoXXX class is the same, from the same one package.

Should I file a bug? IDEA 3.0.4/701

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Our application has three main pieces: one piece is a server, another is a
service terminal, and third is an applet. Applet and Terminal call Server
using SOAP (different implementations, Wingfoot and Axis respectively).
Because of the indirection involved in the SOAP call one cannot track which
Server methods are called by Applet or Terminal.

Maybe it would be beneficial to do one of the following:

1. Hand-write the association table, cross-referencing Server methods and
corresponding Applet/Terminal calls.
2. Or provide IDEA with some kind of template call, so it can figure out by
itself, which method is called on ther server side, something like this:

Client side method template:
public static Object doSoapCall(QName operationName, Object[] args,
QName returnType);

method to call is: QName operationName;
metod arguments are: Object[] args;
return type can be narrowed using: QName returnType (or should define
return type for
each "operationName", so still handwiring each method like in approach
No. 1). But at least
IDEA can track method associations and make adjustments in the table
when they are

Server side class(es), servicing the call:
com.acme.SomeService.java; com.acme.OtherService.java

Anyway, this is just shows a basic idea, but this cross-setting of method
calls would be really nice to have in distributed application. Call
hierarchy must show this "weak" call using different icon.


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