File watcher. Do not compile included file but watch for its changes

Hi again. Lets pretend we have a file a.scss and b.scss. b.scss is imported in a.scss. Any changes in b.scss must trigger recompiling of a.scss but b.scss should never be compiled to css file. I tried to set FW scope but in this case changes in b.scss do not trigger recompiling of a.scss. How to make it work?

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Hi there,

I believe checking "Tracking only root files" should be enough (at least this works just fine for LESS -- I name all my partial files with "_" in front and with this option it always compiles master file(s) only, as long as such partial file is used by some master file, of course).

Alternatively just hardcode what file to compile and use scope if necessary -- watcher will be triggered for any file in a scope but only master (hardcoded) file will be compiled (which, as I understand, should compile included files as well).


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