Git not recognizing changes on a specific dir in PHPStorm - but tortoise and git-cli do - ?


I have a midsize project, with several subdirectories. All of a sudden, PHPStorm has stopped recognizing changes in just one of the subdirs when git-committing. I have not changed PHPStorm settings at all. There are several files inside this dir, neither of their changes gets recognized. If I do the git commit on the command line or with tortoise-git, everything works just fine, and all changed files are recognized.

I notice that when changing files inside the affected dir, in the projects tab their filename turns blue for a second (indicating the change) , then black again - as if phpstorm-git was "auto-committing", which is not the case, though.

This behavior did not disappear after doing a fresh clone of the project. Neither did it change after invalidating caches and restart.

Anyone else experienced this and have a clue?



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