Remove highlight from SQL queries in PHP files

How can I remove this green highlight?



Hi there,

It's Language Injection fragment (another language (SQL in your case); such background allows you to see that it was detected as such and allows additional functionality)

  • If you want to just remove background, you will have to edit your color scheme at "Settings/Preferences | Editor | Colors & Fonts | General | Injected language fragment" (actual style may be called a bit differently in different IDE version -- just use settings search box (top left corner) to quickly find it)
  • If you want to remove actual injection altogether -- "Settings/Preferences | Editor | Language Injections" -- disable all unwanted rules


Yeah, it worked!

Thank you very much! :D


What a distraction.  Too much time consumed here trying tog make you happy.

Finally disabled SQL dialect and guess what... the code is till highlighted with "SQL dialect is not configured".

Please just leave me alone and let me get some work done.  I want to see black and white, not a pizzeria of suggestions.

Off means off.




David, you can disable the SQL | SQL dialect detection inspection at File | Settings | Editor | Inspections. Let me know if that doesn't help.


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