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Hello, after 6 years with NetBeans, I'm now considering using phpStorm.  I've been working with it for 2 weeks and like it so far.  There's one thing though that bothers me...  With NetBeans, when a file in a folder was modified (or added or deleted), it's VCS status was reflected by changing the color of the file name in the project's file tree.   phpStorm has that too.  But NetBeans also colored the parent folders when one or more files in a folder were modified.  That way, even when the folder is collapsed, it was easy to spot modified files.    I've seen that phpStorm can display a "modified only" project tree but it's not quite the same.  Did I miss a setting somewhere?   Thank you all.

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Hi there,

Settings/Preferences | Version Control --> Show directories with changed descendants

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Solved !
Wow, so many options.

Thank you very much, Andriy!


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