Launcher wants to run as super user

Product: PHPStorm 9.0.2
Operating System Fedora 22/Mate

I installed PHPStorm and set it up the same way I have IntelliJ and PyCharm set up.  I unpack it.  Move it to /var/opt.  Create a symlink without the version.  Assign root:developer as the owner with me as part of the group developer.  Create a menu option.  However, when I click on the menu, which calls ./bin/, a dialog pops up (described below).

Dialog Title: Authenticate
Message: Authentication is needed to run `/home/fbrier/.WebIde90/systemp/tmp/' as the super user.
Entry field Password
Details: polkit.subject-pid 10814, polkit.caller-pid 10879, Action: org.freedesktop.policykit.exec, Vendor: The polkit project

Why would PHPStorm need to run as super user?  When closed, it launches another dialog wanting to run `/home/fbrier/.WebIde90/systemp/tmp/' as the super user.  When I say cancel to both, it says "Failed to create desktop entry '/home/fbrier/.WebIde90/systemp/tmp/' : 127. All those directories are owned and write-able by my user, fbrier.  Other than that the PhpStorm seems to be functioning okay... so far :).

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