Is it possible to connect PhpStorm/WebStorm to Visual Studio Online, so I can view and edit work items from within the IDE?


We use Visual Studio Online, both for version control (git) and project/task management (i.e., tracking product backlog items). Obviously, PhpStorm / WebStorm handles the git integration great, but I'm wondering if there is any integration for managing work items from within the IDE? Or if there are any plans to add support for this, e.g., via the Visual Studio Online REST API?

I haven't been able to find anything on this. Has it been discussed in the community or by any of the good people at JetBrains? I'm a happy use of PhpStorm and I recommend it (and WebStorm) to anyone who will listen. I would love it if we had integration with VSO. In my opinion, VSO integration is the only major IDE feature that Visual Studio 2013 has as an advantage (not talking about differences in language support, of course).



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Please try the latest TFS integration plugin (version 138.1183) available in the repository - it works with visual studio online

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Hi, Elena!

Can't find any manuals how to use TFS plugin. I would like to get a task list. Or this feature is just not implemented yet?


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