New business model : PhpStorm & WebStorm

Hello !

I have my lifetime license. But i have a question about something that seem make no sense.

Today, i think, PhpStorm include all the WebStorm feature. As we can see in the new business model, you can buy AppCode, PhpStorm, RubyMine, PyCharm and CLion in one bundle for 99€ (new customer).

But, we can also buy for the same price for the standalone WebStorm - 99€ (new customer).

Why a new customer will buy WebStorm as the same price than a biggest bundle that included more IDE, more features ?

Sound like WebStorm will removed from PhpStorm in the future ? In this cas, that make no sense too, backend developpers (like me) need the WebStorm features.

Thanks ! :)

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Bump !

Sorry for that, but any JetBrains staff are looking here ?

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Hi there,

Sound like WebStorm will removed from PhpStorm in the future ?


PhpStorm = WebStorm + PHP + Database/SQL support. HTML/CSS support is needed for almost any web project -- be it front or back end; it will not be removed from PhpStorm.

WebStorm has (or will have) boost in price because it actually has a demand by JS guys (nodeJS/TypeScript and alike) which is used in projects where PHP/Python/Ruby support is not needed (and hence no need for PhpStorm/PyCharm/RubyMine).

The new subscription model -- they are rethinkingning it now (certain aspects of it) as quite a few people did not liked subscription model at such terms/prices -- JetBrains will post some new updates about this in some near future.


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