Deployment not enabled

My project has a remote ftp server defined, but the deployment options are not enabled, they are greyed out.  What am I missing on the configuration/setup?


Hi there,

Make sure that you have set mappings correctly .. or that this folder/file is not excluded from transfer operations.


Thank you for the suggestion.  I think the mapping is correct, it points to the root of the
project.  And I have not excluded anything.  So I think there must be a setting somewhere that I am overlooking.


In such case please provide screenshots of all deployment settings (all 3 tabs) + deployment options (you may blur your private info).

Also screenshots of menu/etc where deployment actions are not enabled.

1) Are you able to browse your remote host within IDE (Tools | Deployment | Browse Remote Host) ?
2) Are files/folders you want to transfer -- are they part of actual project ? Or maybe they are "additonal libraries" etc?


Sorry, operator error.  I did not have the
Deployment Path filled in.


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