Keymap question

Sometimes I would like to be able to cursor left/right to the previous/next parameter in a method call, rather than just the next word on a line.

For example:

Currently, you get this sort of behaviour with CTRL+RIGHT:

What I would like to able to do, with a different key mapping:

I've had a quick look in the keymap settings and editor actions for this but I don't think it's here.

So, is this possible, did I miss something in the existing key-map?

If not, do others think it would be useful?

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I find this a very good idea (I don't think it's by any means currently possible in IDEA)
Especially for parameters like this:

g.drawRect(Integer.parseInt(CommandLine.getParameter(index + Config.getIndexInc(index))), rect.y, rect.width, rect.height);




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