Connect to Gitlab-Repository

I have cloned this Repository on GitHub:
Then I've open a new Project based on that git-clone.
Then I've create a new Branch (myChanges)

Now I wan't to send this branch to my GitLab-Account (not GitHub!!!) - where I've created a new private Project.

In Future, I want to pull changes from the GitHub Repository, merge it to my branch, and push it to my GitLab-Account.

Problem at the moment: I don't see, how to add the GitLab-Repository to be able to push my stuff to Gitlab.
Is 'VCS => Import into Version Control => Import into CVS' the way to go? Even if is, I don't got a connection to Gitlab.

Would be realy glad, if someone give me a litte HowTo for this.

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Ok, what have I done till now?

I have add following line as CVS-Root:

Then I've checked the checkbox: Use private Key-File
I also add the Path. If I click on connect, I got the request for the passphrase.

I enter it, and got the message: "Valid request expected!"

Don't know what this means. Can anybody tell me what to do now?

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I am trying to accomplish the gitlab connection in PHPStorm for the first time today and I keep getting Unauthorized all the time, so I wish I could tell what I should put.  I don't know where CVS-Root: is yet even.  I voted for the question so I hope someone will answer.  oh SOLVED! - I just use ->Git instead of ->GitHub and it all becomes clear.


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