Debugging coffeescript / jade website with webstorm?

Hi everyone,

My team recently inherited a coffeescript / node project to maintain, which also uses jade templates.  I can currently run the web server locally, but I'm not sure how to debug it from webstorm.  (The previous team was doing a lot of console.log statements to debug with.)

Can I set breakpoints in coffeescript through some plugins and/or sourcemappers?  Is it possible to debug a jade template in webstorm?  Any suggestions and links or tutorials are appreciated, and thanks!

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It's possible to debug node.js application written in coffeescript in WebStorm, but you need to make sure to generate sourcemaps when transpiling coffee to js. see, for example. Once sourcemaps are there, you can start debugging just in the same way as with any nopde.js app: put breakpoints in .coffee files, create a Node.js run configuration, specifying a path to generated .js file as 'Javascript file', start debugging (
Note: don't enable 'Run with Coffeescript' plugin' option, it can't be used for debugging, only for running.

as for debugging jade, nothing of this kind is supported. And I'm not actually sure what debugging is possible, as jade is not executed, it's just a template for HTML page

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Thanks Elena-- much appreciated.


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