Phpstorm gets refocused after switching to another window


sometimes when I swich off of the Phpstorm editor window to the web browser (Firefox), right after clicking the browser window (or pressing alt+tab) Phpstorm's window takes the focus back. This does not happen all the time, but multiple times a day. I can't see any clear circumstances under which this happens.

My operating system is 64 bit Xubuntu and I'm using two displays. When I swich off to another window, that window is in a different display than Phpstorm (I keep Phpstorm in the main display and Firefox in another). I can't recall the odd behaviour happening when I have switched to another window in the same display. And again: usually switching focus to the other display also goes well, but not always. Also, I haven't encountered this problem when switching from any other window than Phpstorm.

Thank you for your advices!

Edit: I just noticed that this happens when the code completion box is open (the one that opens when pressing Ctrl + Space) and I switch to another window in the other screen. If I switch to another window in the same screen while the code completion box is open, Phpstorm won't get the focus back (= works as expected). So what happens is that when switching off, the code completion box closes and I guess that brings the focus back to the editor window. I can't tell why that does not happen when switching to another window in the same screen. Can anybody reproduce this in Windows or in Mac?

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