File watchers settings for separate folders -scss and -css

I added magento project in webstorm, where i have folder with theme files - \skin\frontend\package_name\theme_name\. In \theme_name\ folder i have such structure:
    \all_bootstrap_files with .scss\
    \all_core_files with .scss\
     \all_layout_files with .scss\
..... etc.
and i have css folder with same structure
    \all_bootstrap_files with .css\
    \all_core_files with .css\
     \all_layout_files with .css\
..... etc.
I need to configure file wather macros setting for my structure files. if i save header.scss in \layout\ scss folder i need to compile header.css in \layout\ css folder and etc.
Plz help me with correct settings.

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Please try the following settings:

Arguments: --no-cache --update $FileName$:$FileParentDir(scss)$/css/$FileDirPathFromParent(scss)$/$FileNameWithoutExtension$.css
Working dir: $FileDir$
Output paths to refresh: $FileParentDir(scss)$/css/$FileDirPathFromParent(scss)$/$FileNameWithoutExtension$.css

does it work?


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