Is it time to come in from the storm?


I've been using PhpStorm for several years now.  For the most part I love the IDE.  I've recommended it many times, but lately it’s losing some of its luster.  My biggest complaint is that it just doesn’t handle remote files well.  


My wife and I work together developing Drupal web sites.  The environment we have found that works best for us is having a central development server that we can both work from.  So, we have a Linux server that has a copy of the sites we work on.  We have Windows machines and map to the server using Samba.  For the most part his works, however PhpStorm doesn’t like this setup.  I constantly get the message:


External file changes sync may be slow

Project files cannot be watched (are they under network mount?)


I sometimes have to minutes for the IDE to respond.  Now, just to be clear, these files are on a local gigabit subnet, so there should be very little latency.


 Furthermore, if I open a file and fold all the functions (Ctrl Shift -) after a few seconds the file unfolds and all the folding controls disappear.


These issues also seem to be getting worse with each update.  I have been using this environment structure for years, longer than I’ve used PhpStorm, but I don’t recall having this much problems in earlier versions.


I had spoken to a Jet Brains rep at the last Drupalcon, and all he could say is that PhpStorm is designed to work on a local environment with a solid state drive.  Really?  This is pretty short sited if you ask me.  Does every PHP developer work this way?  PHP is a web development language.  This means it designed to work on a web server, not a workstation.  Shouldn’t our IDE be the same?


I was an Eclipse user before PhpStorm and I’m considering going back to it, or maybe trying something else.


Does anyone else share my concerns?

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These issues also seem to be getting worse with each update.  

What are exactly the issues? Except for the warning, that can be disregarded.
Generally it's created to prevent development on the cheap NAS or something like that.

If IDE is slow, there can be other reasons. I'd recommend you to create a ticket: with the following info attached (to minimize the waste of time): the output from Tools > Show performance summary and the snapshot from Tools > Run performance script.

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What you described is how I used to develop projects in my earlier years.  However, once I discovered excellent tools like VirtualBox, Vagrant, Subversion/Git, etc., I came to realize that there were better ways of managing code.

Rather than work off a centralized Samba share, why not run local (development) VMs and version your code using Subversion (or better yet, Git)?  In my experience, working off shared drives slows down development.  It gets worse as the number of files in a project grows.

Using a tool like Vagrant is even more useful because it'll help keep your dev environments in sync.  Gone are the days of having to deploy using SCP/FTP.  Things are much easier using VCS.  When I introduced this setup to my business partner and told him that all you need to do is run a vagrant up command to have your development environment up and running, he was shocked by how easy (and quick) that was.  Of course, I had to spend some time to build the boxes and write the scripts to provision the VMs, but once that was done, everything was smooth as butter.

I hope this helps.


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I see this everyday. This causes my files to go away or become empty and it generates a ___jb_tmp___ extension for the file which has to be copied over to the file. This is only seen on network mounted directories. And if you work in a professional environment then this is where they will be. Maybe this is related to WiFi connection?



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I have the same issue. I use mounted development server, and everytime I start PhpStorm I should reply to "Are they under network mount?"

Yes they are, so what? It's correct!

Is there any way to disable this stupid question/notification?

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You can't, unfortunately. What you can try is to disable all kind of automatic synchronization at Settings | Appearance & Behavior | System Settings, that may mitigate the issue a little.

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I agree with Ryan, Your best option is to use something like git, which makes things even easier. The only problem is that you have to learn something new and that takes time but not more time than it will take you waiting minutes/hours... etc for phpstorm to sync.


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