Can't build Java web project: File ... does not exist.

My project is laid out like this:


I have a web project set up with the exploded directory set to the web-root directory. I have make set up to build all classes into /web-root/WEB-INF/classes. All my project libraries are in /web-root/WEB-INF/lib.

My problem is this:
When I make my project at the end of the make process I get the following error for every class:

Error: File C:\Java\projects\myProject\work\web-root\WEB-INF\classes\MyClass.class does not exist.

Under Java EE Build Settings "Exclude from module content" and "Synchronize exploded directory" are NOT checked. I've tried different settings and nothing seems to help.

Why is this error happening and what can I do to get around it?


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