Not sure if I should file these as bugs

1) I noted that IDEA 815 just dumped the directory listing for my C drive, my Development folder, and the Projects folder, AND THEN the actual project I'm working on to the console. What's that about?

2) Much more seriously, and possibly more of a bug than #1, IDEA has started cycling through memory usage. I set the memory requirements to Xms128m Xmx256m in the .lax file. Now, after a couple of hours, it's cycling through various MB up to the max, which seems to be 127MB. Then it does what looks like a GC, drops to somewhere between 30 and 40MB, and starts consuming memory again, up to the max.

Think it's a bug?

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One more notation: only if the project window is open does it do this. I autohide the project window, so if I'm looking at source, memory seems constant; the project window starts that cycle over again.


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