"No Go SDK defined for this project" - getting this message in WebStorm


Using WebStorm 10.0.3 and installed the Go plugin.

Here is what my configuration looks like:


On running I get "No Go SDK defined for this project". What am I missing?


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Please specify a path to Go SDK in Settings/Languages & Frameworks/Go/Go SDK
See https://github.com/go-lang-plugin-org/go-lang-idea-plugin/wiki/Documentation#setting-up-the-go-sdk for information

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I have installed Webstorm 11.0.4 and go version go1.12.4 windows/amd64 on a Windows 10 OS.

Webstorm asks to set up the SDK. I select my Go install directory (same as my GOROOT environment variable) to F:\go. Webstorm recognizes the correct version. However, when I click OK, the SDK remains unrecognized.

Does the SDK have to be installed in a specific folder?

I tried to copy the go SDK folder to C:\go. When I use that location, the same things happens (the SDK remains unrecognized).

Please let me know what else I can try to get Webstorm to recognize my SDK.

Kind regards,



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This Go plugin version is very old and not maintained anymore, see https://github.com/go-lang-plugin-org/go-lang-idea-plugin/#deprecation-notice

Most likely the problem is that it's not compatible with current SDK versions


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