Unexpected JDWP Error

We have recently starting using @NotNull assertions pretty seriously,
but at the same time it seems like we can't debug!
com.sun.jdi.InternalException: Unexpected JDWP Error: 35
pops up quite often when using the debugger. Unticking "Add @NotNull
assertions" and rebuilding the entire project seems to make them go
away, but it's not really a solution since it means that (since we're
using the assertions in production) the dev environment is different
from the prod.

I see a couple of JIRA issues but no progress. Is there any news on this


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This error used to come up all the time, and I recently started getting it debugging a plugin (we're not using NotNull in our main project yet). I hadn't made the connection that that's what it was. I couldn't find any open JIRAs that really describe it though, only one about code coverage.


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Oops, sorry, reading through the comments of the JIRA it is indeed related.


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