Bug in compile for intellij v6.05 ?

After I upgrade from intellij 6.04 to 6.05, I encountered a issue that cause the whole project to be recompile when I run a particular class. The directory output seem to clear everytime I run. I check that directory class output is clear everytime I run a class. I check through compile settings and that clearing is unchecked.

Did i encountered a serious bug or there some settings I unaware of ? INtellij should have honoured project setting.

I don't have this problem in 6.04, only in 6.05.

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Hi guys,
I find out the reason why it is recompile.
previously I install the groovy plug-in which work with 6.04 but no longer work with 6.05 now and Intellij indicate error from plug-in from startup. If you ignore and not remove the plug-in, any class that u run result in clearing dir output and recompile the whole project again !

I just wish that Intellij develop the groovy plug-in and support grail because Intellij is the coolest ide I used and groovy is the coolest language for java.


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