WebStorm: Debugging io.js and Node.js 0.12 applications is 7x times slower than was in Node.js 0.10


I've filed an issue for io.js about this, there: https://github.com/iojs/io.js/issues/877

My investigation results are int my last comment:

"Ok, guys, there is the stuff. I have full pcap captures of Node.js 0.10.36 and io.js 1.2.0 debugging sessions. I've made it with RawCap, it shows a WebStorm debugging session from beginning to get a restify server started. I placed a breakpoint there.

io.js: http://1drv.ms/1w4n04n
Node.js 0.10.36: http://1drv.ms/1w4nyXW

You can open them in Wireshark, and can filter to communication streams by using the following filter:
tcp.stream eq 0 && tcp.len > 0

The whole session length is:

  • node.js 0.10.36: 11 seconds
  • io.js 1.2.0: 78 secons

This mean it takes 7x more time to get breakpoint hit in io.js! If this is not a bug, then what?
I cannot se any notable difference between the communication (Follow TCP stream in Wireshark), in io.js it just slow.
I'd appreciate if someone with deep v8 debugger knowledge could take a look at this, thanks!"

Maybe this originated from WebStorm side. Any though on this?

I've attached capture files there too.


Thanks. Please note that this issue is present with Node.js 0.12 too. Someone tried different versions, and noted that this issue is originated from node.js 0.11.15.


Vladimier /Develar  can you take a look at this it seems related.


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