QUESTION -- WebStorm: Quick Documentation (How do I summon Quick Documentation?)

How do I summon documentation for angular.module? The course shows module being selected and then pressing control-Q. The course calls this "Quick Documentation". Documentation then appears like this:


I'm on a Mac, and command-Q simply quits WebStorm. So I tried the menu item View -> Quick Documentation:


and then I see a blank, malformed window:



  1. How do I get the Angular documentation to appear?
  2. Why does the menu item "View -> Quick Documentation" result in a malformed window?

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1. "View | Quick Documentation" is the correct action

2. Have no clue why it bugged for you (I mean -- that visual mess). Does it work for other languages (e.g. HTML/CSS)? Try with another GUI theme (in case if it has anything to do with this).

3. This is what I did in my PhpStorm (NOTE: I'm not familiar with AngulareJS):

  • got non-minified library downloaded locally (latest 1.4.3 version)
  • made it as library in Settings/Preferences
  • added Documentation link:
  • installed AngularJS plugin (it's not bundled by default with PhpStorm as compared to WebStorm)
  • copied 1 line (from some video) and checked what I will get -- documentation seems to work fine:



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