PHPStorm apostrophe (single-quote) showing odd in Git GUI

You may tell me to go to Git GUI support but they'll tell me to come here so I'm asking here first.

This only happened on one apostrophe that I could find, but the apostrophe came up weird to begin with in PHPStorm, which had come from some previous coder's editor, so I fixed it with a single-quote from the keyboard, and when I check the file diff in Git GUI the apostrophe is gobbledygook characters but only if I change it from PHPStorm.

My PHPStorm is set to use UTF-8 (I don't know if this means it just shows them to me in UTF-8 format or actually saves them that way) and I can't figure out if Git GUI's just reading it wrong (haven't had a problem before). We have had problems before with a strange character screwing up app functionality so it is a real concern.

PHPStorm Git GUI apostrophe.png

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