CSS/SASS code validation on compile?

Hi all, I'm hoping you can help me out.
Maybe I'm missing something simple here, I'm new to PHPStorm.

I'm trying compile my SASS file CSS. I've installed Ruby and have a File Watcher set up and it looks like my CSS file gets generated every time I save the SASS file which is good. That part seems to be working.
However what seems to not be working is any kind of error checking or validation of the SASS or CSS file that's generated. I can deliberately put errors in the SASS file (like leave out a semicolon or a bracket) and it'll still save and generate a CSS file for me without giving me any errors. This behaviour cannot be right? In my File Watcher I have "immediate file sync" turned off as well as "Trigger watcher regardless of syntax errors" unchecked.  The problem is it doesn't seem to be checking or picking up any syntax errors.

Is there something I'm missing? Does anyone have any suggestions?


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