Best way to optimize workflow when disconnected?

I watched the "42 Tips and Tricks" video, but sometimes it was difficult to follow because it was at an extremely fast pace.

Up until now, I've been developing using PHPstorm, syncing to a github repository, then running a "git pull" on a linux AWS host to pull the code from github. That works, but it involves a lot of github transactions, and it means that I can't work offline.

I've installed Virtualbox on a dev laptop with a LAMP stack. I'd like to be able to use that to develop a "mini" version of the full website when I'm in offline mode, but seems like there are a lot of options in PHPStorm 9.

I've installed PHPStorm into the virtual machine (I typically run PHPStorm on a Windows desktop), but since I normally develop on the Windows version of PHPStorm I think I'm going to get the "duplicate key detected" error shortly.

Any advice on best ways to accomplish this? Ideally, I would still develop on the laptop in the Windows environment, yet still be able to create code that runs directly on the virtual linux host running on the laptop, and when the code is good I could push it back to the main github repository.

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